Facility Policy

There are established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

Policy details of systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing Physical, Academic and Support facilities are as follows.

  • Supervisors & external agency are hired to look after the housekeeping of the complete institute.
  • The computer hardware, software and its networking are taken care by Lab Assistant of respective department.
  • C.Regular maintenance of equipments in all laboratories is carried out by the technical staff at the Department level while in some cases it is referred to the sales & service department of the equipments manufacturer or a service provider. Concerned laboratory in-charge refers the case to HOD. Then HOD refers to the service provider.
  • D.Institute has employed technicians for maintenance electrical equipments, purified drinking water facilities and drainage facilities.
  • Security staff is employed on contract basis to safe guard the whole premises.
  • Software upgradation of each departmental laboratories is done at department Level.
  • Maintenance of garden, tree plantation, landscapes maintenance, external and physical beautification of the college campus have been done by the respective in-charges.
  • Annual stock verification is done in all departments and report of damage and non functional equipments are forwarded and repair is undertaken accordingly.
  • Register is maintained in the library for entry, exit for the students and same for the faculty members. Cleanliness is maintained by sweeper on everyday basis.
  • Housekeeping in-charge works in coordination with department for dusting, mopping and cleaning of classrooms, laboratory, tutorial room and smart classroom on regular basis. Equipment and furniture are repaired and maintained by skilled laboratory assistants of institute and whenever and wherever required.
  • In-charge and team of electrical maintenance is responsible for maintaining and repairing of power supply, water cooler, AC, various fixtures etc. to monitor electrical equipments such as generator, UPS batteries etc. Monthly inspection and checking is carried out in severe cases of major problem. It is referred to service department (belonging to the equipment) and the service provider will check out the problem and submit the report. If there is any requirement of replacement of certain part of equipment in such case the quotations are called and purchased as per the process of centralized method of purchasing .