From Principal's Desk

Principal’s Profile

Work Experience:

  • Teaching: 32 Years
  • Research:----
  • Industry: Nil
  • Total: 32 Years

Area of Specialization: Communication Electronics, Electromagnetics, Microwave, Signal Processing, Video Processing

Number of Patents: 02

Research & Project Guidance:

  • UG: 25
  • PG: 11
  • PhD: Nil

Portfolio’s Handled:

1 Professor and I/C Principal 30/01/2018 to 05/02/2019 1Year Wainganga college of Engineering and Management, Nagpur
2 Professor 26/08/2017 to 29/01/2018 5 Months Vardhaman Engg. College, Hyderabad (Autonomous)
3 Associate Professor & HOD 1/6/2017 to 17/10/2017 3 Months SBJITMR, Nagpur
4 Assistant Professor & HOD 13/05/2014 to 31/5/2017 3 Years SBJITMR, Nagpur
5 Associate Professor & Vice Principal & HOD 1/6/2013 to 11/5/2014 9 Months D.B.N.C.O.E.T., Yavatmal
6 Associate Professor & Principal 1/9/2012 to 31/5/2013 8 Months D.B.N.C.O.E.T., Yavatmal
7 Associate Prof. & HOD 12/1/12 to 31/8/2012 8 Months D.B.N.C.O.E.T., Yavatmal
8 Associate Prof. 18/11/2011 to 11/01/2012 2 Months J.D.I.E.T, Yavatmal
9 Associate Prof.& HOD 31/3/2011 to 17/11/2011 8-Months J.D.I.E.T, Yavatmal
10 Assistant Prof. & HOD 14/11/2008 to 30/3/2011 2.5-Years J.D.I.E.T, Yavatmal
11 Sr. Lecturer 20/8/2003 to 13/11/2008 5-Years J.D.I.E.T, Yavatmal
12 Lecturer 20/8/97 to 19/8/03 6-Years J.D.I.E.T, Yavatmal
13 Lecturer 20/9/92 to 19/8/97 5-Years B.N.C.O.E. Pusad
14 Lecturer July 90 to Sept 92 2-Years P.G.Deptt.of Applied Electronics Amt. University

Number of Conferences:

  • National: 05
  • International:07

Number of Journals:

  • National: Nil
  • International: 12

Books Published: 02

Book Chapters: 02

Membership of Professional Bodies:

  • ISTE (LM18543)
  • IETE (F155651)
  • IAENG(M156898)

Principal Message:

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome all the students of Under-graduate and Post-graduate courses. I feel privileged to lead such a vibrant College that offers an enormous opportunities to the students.

I want that our students should be imparted an all round education so that they become multidimensional. In my view, acquiring information is no longer the main focus of education; instead the main aim of education is to build the powers of human mind and spirit. With experienced and dedicated teachers and excellent infrastructure, our college helps students to realize their goals in life. I encourage all students to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the college and involve themselves in all the extracurricular activities that are offered. The overall development of the mind and body is a sign of a healthy and complete development. We are committed for overall grooming of the students to make them competent enough and finished product.

We create a safe social and physical environment that helps all our students learn and succeed. I am pleased to report that our dedicated approach to teaching and learning is seeing real benefits for our students. I am sure that our students will always strive to enhance the dignity of our college and keep its flag ever flying high.

Hard work, dedication and perseverance are the most important traits in a person that lead to success. I intently believe that you would develop versatile personality during your stay in this temple of learning.

I wish our students all success in their endeavours.

Dr. Salim A. Chavan
Ph.D. (Electronics Engg) M.E.(Digital Electronics) B.E. ( Electronics Engg) LMISTE,FIETE,IAENG,IFERP Principal, WCEM,Nagpur Formerly,,